Buffalo, NY Calibration Repair Services

Imagine losing hundreds, even thousands of man hours, paying for wasted supplies, and losing out on business because your work is seen as shoddy. With so much at stake, you can't afford to let an unexpected issue go uninvestigated. Trust the team at Northeast Metrology Corp. to provide top quality calibration repair services, ensuring your equipment is in top working order.

Buffalo, NY On-Site Repair Services

Equipment is not always easily transported. Be it a matter of size or sensitivity, some equipment simply cannot be safely transported. The team at Northeast Metrology Corp. is ready and trained to provide on-site repair services for any equimpment, big or small, complex or basic. Let your team get back to work quickly and without fear after an unexpected failure.

Buffalo, NY Calibration Repair ServicesModern Equipment

At Northeast Metrology Corp. we use the most up-to-date calibration equipment. Our technicians are equipped with laser trackers, portable coordinate measuring machines (CMMs), vision systems, and structured-light scanners. We use only the best equipment to ensure you get the best results.

Over 30 Years of Experience Serving Buffalo, NY

Experience matters in this industry and our technicians have more then 30 years of it. They are fully certified with all equipment and are regularly tested to ensure that they are ready to work on any piece at a moments notice. This experience also allows us to provide full support services for our clients. We identify the specific calibration needs of each client and create a calibration plan that best fits those needs. When a client needs additional assistance, our technicians are knowledgeable enough to provide good advice.