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Northeast Metrology Corp., in collaboration with 360 PSG, is proud to offer a new online database designed specifically for our calibration customers.


The database is specifically designed to provide a centralized location for customers to monitor their gauge calibration system.  The system offers a number of capabilities:

·        Calibrations performed by NEM are added to the database daily, allowing the customer to view gauge info, calibration date, due date, and view the calibration certificate.

·        Customers can also enter their own in-house or out-of-house calibrations, uploading certificates.

·        Search capabilities allow customers to review gauges by type, make, model, and recall date.


The nemcal database allows the customer to more efficiently manage their calibration system, reducing excessive paperwork, and providing an easy to use source during audits.


This is not a stand alone software package, instead it operates on the cloud.  Access to the database can be made over any standard internet browser, and can even be viewed on portable devices and smartphones.  There is no need to involve your IT department to update individual computers or devices.


We made security a priority when designing our database. Individual logins can be assigned to your company personnel.  Data security is ensured via multiple database backups, both onsite at NEM as well as offsite locations.


For those customers looking for expanded capabilities, the nemcal database can be fitted with a barcode sticker printing and scanning feature. This gives the customer further power to print their own calibration stickers and/or barcodes, scan gages in and out to various locations, creating packing slips, giving an exact account of where each tool is located. 


To our present Calspex & Recall customers:  we appreciate that the synchronization of certificates and gage information has become a concern (especially given the age of the software).  Use of the nemcal database removes this worry, since certificates and gage information are updated automatically.


For those who still wish to use Calspex and Recall, we have a special “Download CALs to ZIP” feature, with an option to download CAL files individually.


Feel free to contact Northeast today to discuss a solution that is best for you!