Coordinate Measuring Machines

A Coordinate Measuring Machine measures the geometry of objects by using sensors to find discrete points in the surface. Depending on the type of Coordinate Measuring Machine(CMM), the probe can be controlled mechanically by a computer or manually by an operator. Coordinate Measuring Machines are used to test manufactured or assembled parts against the original design. This testing process makes sure all aspects of the design are accounted for, and there are no errors in the manufacturing. The use of a Coordinate Measuring Machine has mainly replaced manual testing because of its efficiency and the lack of human error because of the CMM's precision. 

Are There Different Types of CMM's? 

Over the years, many CMM's have been developed for different measurements and with different sensors for specific applications. Some different types of CMM include but are not limited to: 

Bridge CMM's

  • One of the most accurate types of CMM
  • Great measuring machined parts with high tolerance

Horizontal Arm CMM's 

  • Quick Installation
  • More Cost-effective 
  • Ideal for parts with low tolerance 

Cantilever CMM's 

  • Very Accurate
  • Ideal for smaller parts

Gantry CMM's 

  • Very Accurate 
  • Able to handle larger parts 

Portable Measuring Arm CMM's 

  • Inexpensive(compared to others)
  • No need to ship parts to the CMM, you bring them to the parts. 

Optical CMM's 

  • Portable 
  • Fast Processing Time


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