Coordinate Measuring Machine Inspections

A Coordinate Measuring Machine measures the geometry of objects by using sensors to find discrete points in each surface. Depending on the type of Coordinate Measuring Machine(CMM), the probe can be controlled mechanically by a computer or by an operator. Having your Coordinate Measuring Machines properly inspected can help save time and headaches later, as well as make sure they are running and giving the most accurate measurements possible. 

Why Use Coordinate Measuring Machines? 

Coordinate Measuring Machines are used to test manufactured or assembled parts against the originals. The testing process makes sure all parts of the design are accounted for, and there are no errors after the manufacturing process. Coordinate Measuring Machine use has replaced manual testing because of its efficiency and the lack of human error because of the precision of the CMM. The speed and accuracy of these machines saves time and money ahead of production. 

Types of Coordinate Measuring Machines

Some different types of CMM include but are not limited to: 

  • Bridge CMM's
  • Horizontal Arm CMM's 
  • Cantilever CMM's 
  • Gantry CMM's 
  • Portable Measuring Arm CMM's 
  • Optical CMM's 


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