Environmental Services

Environmental factors can make a huge difference in the quality of your facilities. As a result, it can be vital to ensure that the equipment that regulates those factors is fully functional and accurate. At Northeast Metrology Corp., we are fully equipped and ready to to calibrate a wide range of equipment, including Thermocouples (Type K, S, T), Thermometers and Temperature Controllers.


Thermocouples are devices used to measure temperature, composed of two different metals  that produce a low voltage when joined together. A thermocouple then reads the voltage produced. Thermocouples are manufactured from a range of metals and typically register temperatures between 200 and 2,600 degrees Celsius (C). Depending on the types of metals in the thermocouple, the specific temperature range will vary.

For thermocouple calibration, various types of measuring equipment, standards, and procedures must be in place. A control temperature needs to be established that provides a constant temperature; it must be uniform and cover a large enough area that the thermocouple can adequately be inserted into it. When this reaches the freezing point, it maintains a very stable temperature, between the solid and liquid phases. A reference temperature must also be established; typically, 0 degrees C is used. A measuring instrument, such as Fluke 702 calibrator, can be used to measure thermocouple output.

Temperature Controllers

It’s important to maintain a constant temperature or adequately control temperature, especially in equipment that requires minimal operator involvement or is exposed to periods of extreme temperatures and frequent thermal cycling. Our Temperature Controller calibration services will verify the accuracy of the device’s measured output to the expected output as stated by the manufacturer’s specifications or other requirements, ensuring that your equipment is functioning at the ideal level.

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