Hardness Tester Calibration in Buffalo, NY


Hardness Testers are used to measure the hardness, or durability of materials such as wood, metal, and plastic. These machines must be properly calibrated to provide the most accurate reading possible. Over time, as the tester is used, it can become worn and inaccurate. In order to fix the tester, it must be calibrated to ensure accuracy. It is important to have all your equipment properly calibrated in an industry where precise measurements make a difference. Our highly trained staff are always available to come to you because some equipment is just too large or fragile to send. 


Online Calibration Database

Northeast Metrology Corp is proud to offer a new online database designed specifically for our calibration customers. The database allows customers to more efficiently manage their calibration system, reducing excessive paperwork, and providing an easy to use source during audits. 

The system offers a number of capabilities such as:

Calibrations performed by NEM are added to the database daily, allowing the customer to view gauge info, calibration date, due date, and view the calibration certificate.

Customers can also enter their own in-house or out-of-house calibrations, uploading certificates.

Search capabilities allow customers to review gauges by type, make, model, and recall date.



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