Hardness Tester Repair Services 

Do you have hardness testers in need of repair? Look no further than Northeast Metrology Corporation. In an industry where millionths of an inch make a difference, it is very important to have all your equipment properly calibrated and repaired. As time goes on, hardness testers become uncalibrated and inaccurate, causing the need for routine maintenance. Sometimes equipment is too big, or fragile to send, one of our highly-trained staff members can come to you! 


What is Hardness Testing? 

Hardness testing is testing the resistance of a material to indentation. The hardness of a material is determined by measuring the depth of the indentation. When selecting materials, hardness plays an important role because it can give great insight into the properties of the materials that are being worked with.  Our Hardness Testing is performed to ATSM specifications, as well as any customer or standard requirments for the specific type of material. 


Signs Your Hardness Tester Needs a Repair 

There are many different things that can affect the results of a hardness test, but ultimately incorrect readings are the bulk of the issues.  When a hardness tester gives a misleading reading, that can result in good material being wasted, as well as sub-par materials being used. Using improper materials can lead to many problems down the line, which can lead to even more costs. Having your hardness tester properly calibrated and repaired can save time and money spent in the future. 


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