Machine Repairs - Pneumatics, Micrometers, Electronic Equipment

We repair all types of electronic equipment, pneumatics instruments, micrometers, calipers, etc.  We specialized in the repair of all inspection tools with special emphasis on:

  • Supermicrometer* – Bench Micrometers (rework, lapping)
  • Optical Comparators
  • Digital Readouts
  • Hardness Testers

When it comes to the production of products, parts, and components, accuracy is of the greatest importance. If your machines are not properly calibrated or have worn down parts or components themselves, there is a good chance that quality will dip. Having your equipment and tooling machines fully calibrated and repaired will enable you to provide the best service with high-quality results. Thus, enabling your clients and partners for greater success, solidifying business relations. Give us a call today to discuss the repair/calibration needs for your equipment.

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